Tuesday, May 17, 2011




עם הבן זוג שלי בחתונה של בן דוד שלי, לפני כמה חודשים 
with my boyfriend at my cousin's wedding, a few months ago.



עם החברה הכי טובה, ביום קניות כיפי (פחות כיפי לארנק). 
with my best friend while on a fun shopping day. 





לבושים במיטב מחלפותינו בחתונה של חבר קרוב
all dressed up at a close friend's wedding


בהפסקת קפה
coffee break


ואחרון חביב- הצצה קטנה לחדר ארונות/משרד שלי...בימים הקרובים אעלה תמונות רבות נוספות של החדר
and last but not least- a sneak preview of my office/dressing room. stay tuned for many new photos of the room in the next few days. 

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! Love your outfits!




Miss Woody said...

beautiful !

Thu said...

You and your boyfriend are so cute! Love what you wore. =]

Revital said...

thank you so much! I truly appreciate it (:

Emily Anne said...

you are gorgeous!
and you and your boyfriend look stunning together, if you decide to have babies, i'm sure they would be super hot.
I love your outfits by the way as well

TOPCOAT said...

you and your boyf are adorable together, such pretty people! i am not really curious to see more of your office! where do you work? xx

Revital said...

TOPCOAT- thank you so much for all the kind words sweetie! my boyfriend and I truly appreciate it (;

about my office- its an home office which is also used as a sort of dressing room/crafts room..
I currently work at a marketing/ public relations crew for a big employment center and for a local club in my area...but mainly- im a full time advertising and P.R student (;
Ill be sure to upload many new pics of the office in a few more days

Emily Anne - you actually made me laugh aloud- with all that baby talking and stuff (:
thanks so much for all the wonderful compliments hun!

Antonia said...

love your blog girl!
you are so pretty! :)

hope to see you on ours,


Tanja-Mia said...

such a great blog! Follow me :)

Francesca Felix said...

love this!

Amanda Brohman said...

you look very pretty here! :)


Amanda Brohman

Maryna Sisley said...

Love the glasses !


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so sweet! x hivenn

Sara Levy said...

You looked stunning :)
The boyfriend and you make such a cute couple!
Can't wait for that room pictures :P

Brown Leather Jackets said...

Such a casual and cool outfit! Beautiful pictures and background:)


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